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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs

Function and Objectives

  • Preservation and promotion of the living culture of the ethnic and indigenous tribes and communities of the state ;
  • Preservation and promotion of the ancient monuments and historical sites as monuments of our glorious past ;
  • Preservation and promotion of the of the unique Satriya culture of the state ;
  • Searching talents in music , dance , acting , fine arts etc. from different parts of the state & provide them adequate opportunity for developing their talents and exposure ;
  • Promoting cultural and emotional integration among the people of the state and also with other states of the country and spread the message of peace , universal brotherhood and national unity;
  • Publicity of the unique cultural mosaic of the state with its infinite variety throughout the world and promotion of the state as a culture destination ;
  • Using the cultural talent to develop the entertainment
    industry in the state , thereby promoting employment;
  • Promoting those qualities and values that sets the culture of the state as one of the brightest jewels in India's cultural milieu;
  • Instillation of national pride in the people and propel every citizen to give their best in their chosen field of activity ;
  • Making use of the national and the international media to promote the culture of the state ; and
  • Imbibing a sense of appreciation of the traditional art and culture among the younger generation from school level